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Disc Interchange is:
  • a trusted partner in Business, Education & Government
  • relied on by other conversion services for our expertise
  • able to provide cost effective, timely & expert solutions

  • Since 1984 we have provided expert conversion solutions to every major sector of industry.  Whether you have an existing data conversion process in place or are working out a new one, find out how truly easy and cost effective it is to put the technical power and experience of Disc to work for you.
    Featured Solution...
    DISC provides expert media conversion services for litigation investigations


    Investigations frequently involve retrieving and analyzing data from computer media -- tapes or disks.

    You may need to convert computer media and data to a format your staff can use during the course of an investigation. Even with IT staff in your firm, they may need help getting the media to a format you can work with.

    When converting any media or data that may be used as evidence, it is imperative to do so with only the highest level of technical expertise and backed by meticulous documentation.  Since 1984, we have provided these services to legal firms, large and small, across the country. Our expertise has been used in major class action and high profile lawsuits.

    Frequently, the first thing you will need is to make a copy of the tapes so the originals can be returned. We can make 100% verified copies, return the original tapes, and work from the copies

    We have faced many challenges that come with obtaining data from an uncooperative source, and have succeeded in converting files where the information required to perform the conversion was inaccurate or incomplete. Whether you know precisely what data you want from the tapes, or need help investigating the contents, we will tailor our approach to meet your needs.

    One of our specialties is converting IBM Mainframe and AS/400 EBCDIC tapes to ASCII files for use on Windows computers. We also have extensive capabilities with UNIX, DEC VAX VMS, Macintosh, and other computers.

    DISC is unique in our ability to handle very large files. We have converted numerous files containing hundreds of millions of records totaling hundreds of GB. We can perform the data conversion and processing steps you need to make the data useful to you. And if you can't handle huge files, we can split them for you.

    Find out how easy it is to put our multi-million dollar hardware inventory and decades of technical expertise to work for your firm - either one case at a time or through our cost-effective annual Media Analysis and Conversion program.

    When you have a foreign tape and don't know where to begin, Disc Interchange Service Company can help.

    Photos on our web site will help you identify what tape or disk you have. Click on Identify Media at the top of any page. 


    Computing infrastructure varies widely in different segments of this market. Disc Interchange provides extensive conversion solutions for all aspects of the telecommunications industry - large and small. With a seamless flow of data, efficiency and ROI go up. 

    Technical Consulting
    Whether you are working on computing infrastructure conversion, legacy data reclamation, backup solutions, or any project requiring expert conversion services, Disc can add a whole lot of power to your sales punch. With our multi-million dollar inventory and over two decades of technical success your prospects and capabilities just got a whole lot better. Open new markets today!

    Medical Research & Analysis
    Disc Interchange converts Medicaid Claims and Remittance data, Medicare & Medicaid statistical data from HHS/CMS, Medical & Hospital records and more. Let Disc Interchange make the process of getting these important data files quickly into a format you and your staff can use. Contact us today to see what service is right for you.

    Oil & Gas
    DISC has proven itself a valuable partner to the Oil & Gas industries. Reclaiming legacy data from tape, consolidating the disparate collection of well data from various eras of technology are just a part of what we can do. Contact Disc today to see how we can turn your legacy media into profit generating data.
    Providing data solutions to Industry since 1984!
    Here is just a sample of the data we convert...

    Credit reporting
    Demographic files
    Excise Tax Files
    Financial Files
    Fundraising files
    Instrumentation records
    Insurance records
    Invoice & Statement files
    IRS tapes & Data
    Mailing lists
    Municipal files
    Payroll files
    Phone Books & Directories
    Political Campaign lists
    Real Estate files
    Registry of Deeds records
    License & Registration files
    Source code
    Statistical analysis files
    Voter & Resident Lists
    Weather data
    WWW Database Publication

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