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conversion since 1984

Convert, Restore, Migrate or Consolidate your computer data and media.
Let us offer you the peace of mind and expert service only accquired from decades of technical success. Data Conversion experts!
We convert computer data.
Don't take chances with your data conversion: Computer data is the lifeblood of business. When converting data between media or operating systems it is critical to ensure the data conversion is performed with only the highest level of expertise. Failure to adhere to stringent standards can result in bad or corrupt data.

Our advantage is decades of experience in providing expert conversion services to the biggest names in business. We are quietly relied on by other conversion services for our data conversion expertise and extensive hardware inventory.
  • Data Conversion - File Transfer
  • Media Conversion
  • Tape Copy - Tape Restore
  • AS400 Conversion
  • Mainframe Conversion
  • Much more!
The premier industry resource for complex and critical data conversions - we convert data from Mainframe, iSeries, VAX, Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and more. 

Some of our services:
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Your source for:
  • data conversion
  • media conversion
  • tape conversion
  • data transfer
  • tape copy
  • & more!
We support almost every format of media used on IBM platforms including:
  • 3590B 3590E 3590H
  • 9840 9940
  • Ultrium LTO1 LTO2 LTO3
  • 3480 3490 3490E
  • 8mm 4mm QIC MLR SLR
  • 9-track Reel Tape
  • Much more!
Between multiple VAX systems, we have nearly all the VAX tape drives ever manufactured.
  • TK-50 TK-70
  • RX23 RX33 RX50
  • RL-01 RL-02 RA-60
  • TA-90 TA-91 TA-92
  • TU-90 TU-91
  • TKZ6
  • and much more!

We can restore, extract and convert your backups and removable disks.
  • Data Conversion
  • Tape Conversion
  • Media Conversion
  • Bernoulli SyQuest
  • Backup Exec ArcServ Retrospect TAR
  • Iomega JAZ ZIP
  • Magneto Optical
  • much more!
When you can read the tape format but just don't have the right drive, all you may need is an image copy from one tape to another.
  • Tape to Tape Copy
  • Tape Duplication
  • Media Transfer
  • Consolidate Tape Library
  • Reclaim Legacy Media

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